Halle Berry! Did You See Her Hair?!

Halle Berry’s hair at the Oscars seems to be the talk of the town.

The Oscars aired yesterday and I’ve been hearing via social media that Halle Berry’s new hair has been one of the stand out moments of the night.


My description of her hair: a head of full, thick, soft healthy hair. Many loose curls that are slightly touched honey blonde hues to compliment her complexion.

There seems to be both positive and negative feedback about her hairstyle.

The negative comments are comparing her hair to a bird’s nest or saying, “what is up with her hair” or “she has the most controversial hairstyle”

I truly love her hair! I am a big fan of a crown full of beautiful curls and Halle is giving me life with her hair! Simply beautiful!

People’s problem:

1.This is not the norm for her.

Halle is known for her short, straight pixie styles. She’s also worn her hair curly a few times as well. Since she is venturing from the hairstyles that she is known for, it seems like society has an issue with her changing things up a bit.

2.Her hair might be fake!

Well whether it’s fake or not, the hairstyle looks cute. There are tons of people, celebrities included, that wear extensions. The stigma of wearing extensions is that those who decide to wear them have no hair or unhealthy hair. Based on my experience, extensions are worn to experiment with different styles without altering your own hair or to make daily styling easier because your natural hair may take a long time to style when getting ready for the day.

I guarantee the folks that have something negative to say about her hair is because they are lacking in understanding with how all types of curly hair can look. Most of us are exposed to what curly hair is SUPPOSED to look like based on what the media decides to put out there. So anything that is opposing the norm may come off as being weird or questionable to some.


So with people commenting on her big, full, curly hairstyle, they are also making fun of people who are naturally born with curly hair. There’s men and women of all different ethnicities that are blessed with curly hair.


If society was properly educated on not just curly hair, but other topics that are heavily judged, we would be able to form a more understanding opinion on the topic.

So I challenge you (and myself) to educate yourselves whenever something comes off to you as being NEW, WEIRD, OR QUESTIONABLE. Doing so may help you form a better understanding and open up your mind to that world of a topic.

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