Music – My Center, Our Center

Music… the center of our world.

Tunes that bring us back to our center when we’re joyful.

Harmonies of musical notes that comfort us when we’re downhearted.

Various pitches capturing our center when we’re focused.

Music, one of the greatest formations… so complex, yet so simple. Brings us to center.

By: Brittany Santiago

Daily Prompt – Center

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Just Brittany Moments

6 thoughts on “Music – My Center, Our Center

    1. I think both ways can be seen as valuable… Being a creator wherever is great because you can form ideas for your music based on your surroundings (what you see, hear, what you see that might get your thoughts going on another level)… With listener mode, you are taking in the music and having a different experience from the next person who may be listening to the same thing. Those are my thoughts on it =)

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