Puerto Rico – Vivid!

I had the awesome opportunity to go to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico a few years ago with my husband to visit his relatives. I’ve heard so many good things about PR so I was super excited to go!

As soon as we landed, you could feel the nice warm breeze of the tropics! There were palm trees everywhere and a lot of green land.

When we were driving to our family’s house, I saw all the unique buildings and houses! The island was filled with vivid, bright colors everywhere! Aguadilla carries so much character and history!

(Pictured above is my mother n law’s home in Aguadilla)

 (Pictured above are a few pics of the water at Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla)

We went to Crashboat Beach which was a beautiful beach in Aguadilla. A few of us went over to this sort of secluded beach that you could only get to by climbing a mountain of pointy sharp rocks.

(My husband walking pointy rocks overlooking the beautiful ocean)

(We found a giant hole within those rocks that lead to the ocean)

When we arrived, there was barely anyone there and practically had the beach to ourselves! The water was gorgeous but the waves were super aggressive. I went into the water until it was up to my knees. And the waves were so strong that I got knocked down!

My husband and brother in law were the crazy ones and went further into the water and almost got swept away! That’s how strong those tides were! But it was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget!

(Piña Colada Limbé and Quinepas)

I had a pleasant time with eating mofongo, having my fair share of margaritas and cold beers, eating quinepas (grape-like fruits), enjoying limbé (flavored shaved ice), spending quality time with the family, and exploring the beautiful city! I can’t wait to go back!

(Church in Aguada)
(Gazebo in Aguada)

Daily Prompt – Vivid

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