DIY HOME DÉCOR in 6 Easy Steps! 


Since we moved into our new place, I’ve trying to make sure our place is nice and comfy. But decorating and furnishing can be expensive! I am one who likes to save a few dollars anywhere that I can! So I decided to make my own wall décor that cost me less than $5! Here’s how:

1. I bought picture frames for $1 each from Dollar Tree. I found a frame that had a nice style that would fit nicely with the colors of our home.

2. I looked up a few quotes from Pinterest that I really liked!

3. I went into Microsoft Word and typed up the quotes. To jazz it up a bit, I played around with different fonts to make it more exciting!

4. I printed out a few copies that had different font sizes to see which fit the best in the picture frame.

5. Once that was completed, I folded the paper (or you can cut the access paper off) and put it inside of the picture frame

6. You can either hang up your décor on the wall or place on top of your dresser or table top.

Below are a few others that I created (sorry for the picture quality)

Other décor ideas:

A few other picture frame ideas are that you can print out a picture of your favorite landscape, scenery, famous place, etc., or you can even put a piece of personalized artwork that you or maybe your child has drawn up!

If your picture of choice is too small, then you can go to Walgreens or CVS and go to the Photo section to have it resized (this applies only to pictures that you might’ve found online). Before you go, you should upload the pictures on an usb flashdrive or a CD (whatever floats your boat). You can play around with the sizing of your photo so that it prints to fits the size of your picture frame.


And there you have it! SIMPLE and VERY EASY home décor that’s very affordable for anyone’s pockets!


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