Oh No! It Drowned!

My husband and I were hanging out together, relaxing after we ate a nice home cooked dinner that he made.

We were hanging out and watching some music videos of songs that were popular back in our teen years. We do this often and its makes us reminisce on the good times we had as kids!

Anyway, I had made peanut butter cookie brownies (aka “brookies”) the other day and I like to dip those types of treats in milk! It gives it an extra umph! Yum!


My poor “brookie”! =(


So I was eating the warmed up cookie brownies and dipping them in milk and it was so delicious! I was occupied by the music videos so I wasn’t really paying attention to what I was doing but as I was dipping the brookie in the milk, half of it fell into the milk!

I looked up to the sky (ceiling lol) with my mouth open in shock because I couldn’t believe that just happened! That’s the worst when your dipping item ends up getting drowned by milk! HAHA!

I scooped up the drowned brookie out of the milk with a new brookie piece and saved it from its distress and ate it all up! Man, do I love sweets! =)


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