STORY OF MY LIFE! (Literally)

“All adventures, especially into new territory are scary.”

-Sally Ride

I know this experience all too well because I’ve entered into new territory MULTIPLE times due to my dad being in the Navy when I was growing up. He’s a retired Navy Chief serving 24.5 years!

I’ve was born in Manhattan, NY and after that I lived in:

Adak, Alaska–> Rota, Spain–> Virginia Beach, Virginia–> Chesapeake, Virginia–> Manama, Bahrain–> Back to Chesapeake, Va–> Then back to Virginia Beach, VA where I graduated from high school.

Me around 1 year old in Adak, Alaska.
Me around 8 years old and my little sis who was a few months old in front of our house in Chesapeake, VA. (Sorry for the glare in the pic)
Our 8 bedroom 9 bathroom home in Manama, Bahrain. I was 13 years old when I lived here.
Chandelier of our 3 story house in Manama, Bahrain with my sister by the banister. (Sorry for the glare in the pic)

After high school, I attended college at Penn State University, The Behrend College in Erie, Pennsylvania where I met my future husband.

With one of my close college friends on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk.
2 of my close friends during college at Lake Erie’s Beach in Pennsylvania.

Then I moved to NYC with my husband and here I am now!

My husband and I in NYC with my 2 elementary school friends who are also married who’ve always stayed in touch no matter where I moved to.

See I wasnt joking! Each new territory came with different personalities, different cultures, different schools, different morals, different mannerisms, and different weather to say the least.

It was a very tough experience to constantly move and leave my friends behind. Making new friends wasn’t very easy for me since I was very shy, but I eventually made friends and once I got comfortable enough to let my guard down, everything was great!

Whenever I had to move, I would try super hard to keep my long distance friendships alive. But because of the “growing up and growing apart” or “out of sight, out of mind” notions, I lost touch with a lot of friends.

I went through all these changes and adjustments through my life and some situations were very difficult to handle.

But through it all, I was able to travel to new places, became friends with people of different cultures, matured more quickly than the average person, and learned to be very independent.

So yes all adventures into new territory can be scary, but if I was able to survive through my “adventures”, then you can too! =)

Daily Prompt –  Territory

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8 thoughts on “STORY OF MY LIFE! (Literally)

  1. I know this may be a silly thing to say but I LOVE those heels you are wearing in the last photo. I have not worn anything like that for decades but I like to see it on someone like you. Nice post and great photos.


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