Alexa, The Most Famous Bluetooth Speaker!

My husband and I received the Echo Dot Amazon Speaker as a Christmas gift last year. Now I’ve heard about the infamous “Alexa” Speaker but I wasn’t into the hype. After having it for a while, she (Alexa) is pretty much apart of our family now! (yeah it’s a little weird I know haha)  

Here’s a few things that she can do:

-Pairs to other Bluetooth speakers to help project your musical selections.

-Pairs to your phone and will play any Pandora station that you request.

-She’ll play almost any song you want her to play. Certain songs require you to have a Amazon Prime Account in order for her to play the songs. 

-You can ask her for the latest news, keeps you updated on the traffic in your area, and tells you what the weather looks like for the day. 

-Helps you in the kitchen by setting timers or can wake you up in the morning or from a nap by setting alarms as well.

-She can read the Kindle books in your library to you while you’re cooking, cleaning, getting ready for the day, etc. 

-You can even ask her questions directly about herself and she has some hilarious responses!

-She can do a lot more too! Who (Or What) is Alexa?

For all that Alexa can do, she is pretty affordable! Click the picture below to check her out!

Have fun asking Alexa some of these questions:

Alexa, are you ready?

Alexa, what is happiness?

Alexa, can you give me some money?

Alexa, where are my keys?

Alexa, do you want to fight?

Alexa, give me a hug.

Alexa, make me a sandwich.

Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?

Alexa, is your refrigerator running?

Alexa, tell me a joke.

Alexa, tell me a secret. 

We use her mostly to play Pandora stations, to set cooking timers, and to tell us the weather before leaving the house. And sometimes mess around and ask her a some of those silly questions! 

So if you need an at home personal assistant that doesn’t take up much space, Alexa is the perfect candidate for you! (Oops, I meant speaker) Haha! =)


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