Virginia to New York City

I’m originally from the south (Southern Virginia), where everyone drives, it’s easy flowing traffic, so much land and space, people are easy going, and people are friendly and polite! 

I moved to The Big Apple NYC over 4 years ago and I felt like such an outlier when I first moved here!

Everyone took public transportation, there’s ALWAYS some kind of traffic, everything is so compacted, no breathing room, people are always in a hurry (when sometimes it’s not even necessary), and some people (not all) can be aggressive and not very polite.

I didn’t fit in with the NYC crowd, it was overwhelming at first. But then I grew accustomed to the way things work here. 

4 years later, I can call myself a “New Yorker” now but I still feel like an outlier at times.

It would make things a lot easier if my family lived here or close by so we could visit each other more often than two to three times a year. (They live in Ohio and Western Pennsylvania).

But it’s all good. I’m a big girl and have been making the best out of my situation! =)

Daily Prompt – Outlier


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