2017 Spring Fashion Trends For Women!

Here are 3 New Spring Trends for you ladies to try out in 2017!

I will link affordable examples of the items for each category!

1. Pajamas Outside the Home!

Silky, loose pieces normally in neutral tones with minimal accessories.

2. Artisanal Vibes!

Wear items that have embroidery with a dress, shoes, or accessories. You could also pair an embroidered clothing item with denim to balance out the outfit.

3. Bold Stripes!

Vibrant colored stripes are the way to go!
Pair bold accessories with sophisticated, elegant pieces, and solid color clothing items with minimal accessories.


Now that you’ve seen the latest Spring Trends, raid your closet to see if you already have some of these pieces!
Once you see what you’re working with, you can click on the pictures above and check out the items that your missing from each trending outfit!
And there you have it! Now you’ll have your trendy outfit on deck for that birthday party, baby shower, girls night out, exciting vacation, or hot date that you may have coming up very soon! =)


4 thoughts on “2017 Spring Fashion Trends For Women!

  1. Heyy) Great post) I have embroidered jeans (they’re new, I followed the fashion) and I love them so much)) Thanks for some ideas, gonna try and find some stripes (as they go with pretty much everything) Not sure about the PJs tho)) But still, thanks))
    Have a good day)

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