My Dream Car! 

Maybe I’m weird, but I’m probably the only one that doesn’t have a “dream car” that I would love to have.

I just really like the look of certain cars, not really “head over heels” for anything yet. And I have a car now, it’s a crossover but I plan on getting a new car in the next few years. 

Right now I really like the BMW X5 SUV and the BMW 325 or BMW 328 series. My husband has a BMW 325 and I love the way it drives, it’s so smooth. 

But recently I’ve been looking at the muscle cars: Dodge Challenger (on left) and Dodge Charger (on right). I realized that I really like how they look! They’re so sleek, mysterious looking, and so beautiful. 

So I would possibly consider this to be a dream car option, but I feel like the car would be too big for me to drive around as far as sedans go.

I know I said I wanted an SUV but I feel like I would fit better into the SUV verses the Dodge cars that I listed above. 

I guess I would have to test drive those cars to see if I still feel it’s too bulky for me. 

Have any of you driven a Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger? If so, how do they drive?

What is your dream car? 



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