One of the Largest Parks in NYC! 

Since it’s finally warming up now, I wanted to start running outside. My husband and I decided to run in one of the biggest parks in NYC: Van Corlandt Park! 

A little background on Van Cortlandt Park:

This park is the third largest park of the city with 1,146 acres located in the Bronx. It was named after the Van Cortlandt family who were around during the colonial periods. 

It was such a beautiful day yesterday! The weather was just right for running: not too hot, sunny, and a nice breeze!

At the moment, I don’t have a device to record our mileage when we run so we decided to go for a 30 minute run. There was a circular trail that we ran around a few times which was a little tough in the beginning because I’m not in the best shape yet haha! But after a while it wasn’t so difficult to run. 

The scenery was so beautiful (another descriptive word). I love nature and seeing the trees and flowers blooming!

I enjoyed the fresh air and seeing all the people participating in different activities! They were playing tennis, soccer (or football), running, or walking with their spouse and/or children. 

There was also a little dog park where the cute little doggies were having their fun in their own little world!

Nature is so awesome! Until next time!

Doing some light stretching after my run. Excuse the photobomber in the background LOL!

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