What’s My Nationality?

I’ve always been interested in my roots, my ancestors and where they were from geographically.

I am an African-American. Both my parents are African-American as well. 

On my father’s side, my grandmother’s father was Gullah who are descendants of enslaved Africans who lived in the low country regions of Georgia and the North and South Carolina. 

The language spoken was Geechee, which seemed to be affiliated with the creole language. 

Here are a few celebrities who are of Gullah/Geechee descent:

Celebrities of Gullah/Geechee Descent

Also, my grandfather’s mother was Native American but I don’t know what tribe she was from. And his father was African-American.

On my mother’s side, both her mother and father were African-American as well.

I am proud of being an African-American woman! I would love to know more about my ancestors and if they were from Africa , from the Caribbean, South America, etc. 

Though people told me that when they first met me, they thought I was Jamaican or Ghanaian. And these were people were Caribbean or African descent. For all I know, I could have ancestors who come from one of those nationalities!

I eventually want to try out the Ancestry DNA test where they can predict a certain percentage of each nationality that’s in my DNA based on a saliva sample. 

I don’t have any children yet, but when I do, I want to be able to teach them about their nationality and for them to know the history of their ancestors.

Have any of you tried out the Ancestry DNA testing? If so, were you surprised with the results?

Or have you recently discovered something new about your nationality? 

I’d love to hear from you! 

Daily Prompt – Roots

Photo: Pexels.com

9 thoughts on “What’s My Nationality?

  1. I have not tried the Ancestry.com one yet. However, I do know from tracing the family that my paternal great-grandmother and great grandfather came here from Norway.

    My maternal side is a mix of: Irish, Germany, and Swedish. Yet, I am still digging into the family history.
    Thank you for sharing the insight into where your roots are!

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  2. I took the ancestry DNA test, as did a brother, my parents, my grandson! I was really excited to see 4% Nigerian in my grandson’s blood, since Nnedi Okorafor, my all-time favorite writer, is from Nigeria and writes of the magic there that is quite obviously flowing in my grandson’s veins! The more I work on genealogy and learn about human DNA, the more I understand that we are all cousins, all beings connected in love. So hey, cuz!

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    1. That’s so awesome! And yes we are definitely all connected! I love all cultures and how different they all are! I actually did the 23AndMe dna test which I’ll be writing a post about that soon. So stay tuned cuz! 😁 Thanks for reading!

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  3. I’ve done Ancestry DNA and it has been a boon to my genealogy efforts.

    I’ve been able to use the oral histories of my family and connect them to the historical record, uncovering more history that was unknown prior to that point.

    In all, I’ve been able to map out several segments of my family, going back over 200 years.

    I started publishing a series on my efforts which morphed into a book on my efforts.

    I would encourage you to dive in – my efforts have been one of the honors of my life!

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