My Favorite Scents! 

Refreshing scents are something that I love to have around me. I enjoy the smell of candles, plug in air freshners, perfume, etc! 

The scents that are my favorite ones that have floral scents or that are fresh and light. Fruity scents normally make me think of food LOL! 

Years ago, one summer during college, my aunt (who has a huge collection of perfumes by the way) let me wear one of her perfumes which was by Vince Camuto! 

OMG I absolutely fell in love with the smell and it’s has been one of my favorite perfume since then!

What’s your favorite perfume?!

Daily Prompt – Perfume


One thought on “My Favorite Scents! 

  1. Nice post here, I like also air freshener but with jasmine secent, I feel like I am setting in the garden and refreshing my mind. However, Thanks Brittany for liking my recent post, but can you give me your opinion about what I have written with regards to retailers.
    Your opinion means a lot !😊


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