Learning A New Language As An Adult? Help! 

I’ve been wanting to learn how to speak Spanish for a while now.

I’ve taken Spanish lessons from elementary all the way up to my college years. I passed all my classes but the hardest part is having a fluent conversation in Spanish.

I would consider myself to be an advanced beginner. I can understand the Spanish language better than I can speak it.

And the crazy thing is that my husband and his family are Puerto Rican and they speak fluent Spanish/Spanglish! You would think I have the perfect opportunity to learn right?! 

I’ve only asked my hubby to practice with me because I feel more comfortable messing up a few words/phrases around him than his relatives. But when I practice with him, he speaks Spanish as if he was speaking to a native Spanish speaker!

So he’s speaking super fast and I pick up on like 40% of what he says, but I have to ask him multiple times to repeat himself since I didn’t catch everything. Then he gets tired of repeating himself, which I don’t blame him. 

But there’s gotta be another way I can learn conversational Spanish. I have Rosetta Stone that I’ve been doing inconsistently (to be honest) because I feel like the lessons are ones I’ve learned and know already. So I’m not that motivated.

I also heard the trick of listening to Spanish music which I’ve tried, but can only listen to like 3 or 4 songs before getting tired of it. I like Spanish music but I’m the type who listens to it only on occasion when I’m with my husband or his family. I won’t actively listen to a whole day of Spanish music for the fun of it. (Sorry if I offended anyone who loves Spanish music!)

I know it sounds like I have so many excuses right?! Yeah I know ugh! That’s why I need help! 

Do you have any suggestions on how I can learn conversational Spanish? 

If you’ve learned a new language as an adult, what’s your secret?! I need to know! 

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5 thoughts on “Learning A New Language As An Adult? Help! 

  1. I’m the same way with French. I just started using Duolingo, Rosetta Stone to remember grammar and vocab. Speaking, I practice with friends, and watch online videos to hear different sounds 🙂

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  2. I am trying to learn Spanish too. My daughter in law is from Peru originally and only her mother and brother are in the US so the rest of her family is still in Peru. They will be having a marriage ceremony in Peru this year, in the church her parents were married in. I want to be there and desperately want to learn the language so I can communicate with her family.

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    1. Wow that’s great! I would love to visit Peru! As per the comment by Diyingmachine, I would recommend Duolingo to pick up on the basics of Spanish. Just download the app, its so easy to use! And it tracks your progress as well! 👍🏾

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