Comfortable and Welcoming! 

I believe hospitality is important when you invite guests over to your home.

Whether it’s their first time or third time, your guests should always feel welcome and comfortable spending their time in your home. 

Every time I invite people over to my home, they always say that they feel like they’re “at home.” They also say that our home is so welcoming! 

Hearing that always makes me feel good because I know that I’m satisfying my guests. 

And this is what makes my day! =)

Daily Prompt – Hospitality


4 thoughts on “Comfortable and Welcoming! 

  1. I’ve grown up seeing and hearing the same from my mother and grandmother. Hospitality. They’ve always said that you should make sure you give something to your guests, even a glass of juice would do. Unfortunately many people don’t take this into consideration.

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