Mind Your Attitude!

Can anyone relate to this? I definitely can sense someone’s attitude by their tone of voice!

It doesn’t matter what someone is saying, if I hear irritation in their tone, then I usually know what type of attitude they have. 

Some people naturally “talk with attitude” if that makes sense. So for those people, you have to get used to it. That’s how my aunt is but I know she doesn’t mean to come off in a harsh way. 

Anyways, try to be mindful of your attitude and make sure you’re releasing nothing but good vibes today! =)

Happy Tuesday! 

4 thoughts on “Mind Your Attitude!

  1. The harsh tone is always making us nervous and it puts us in struggle. if i need to tell about the tone of voice which it comes out from people’s mouth, i will take long time for writing my comment, i guess, i have to take your post as an advantage, and write an article relates to the point, i could see yours perfect sense to me. Thanks for sharing Brittany! 🙂

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