She Makes Her Husband “Clock In” At Home?! 

One of my favorite parts of my day is watching The Real Daytime Talk Show! If you haven’t heard of them, they are a group strong, respectable, and relatable women who discuss any and everything! They are secretly my best friends! LOL
Check out a few clips from their show!

The Real Daytime Talk Show YouTube  

During “Girl Chat” they were having a discussion about a wife who wasn’t too happy with her husband coming in late from work and now having to work overtime too. She came up with a system where she pretty much makes her husband “clock in” and has to be home by 9pm!

His reward for coming home on time is a warm dinner and he doesn’t have to do the dishes. 

If he comes in 30 minutes late, then he has to do chores during the weekend.

Here’s the link of the whole story:

Wife Makes Husband Clock In

Now I think this is totally crazy! If my husband is out there working hard to financially support our family, I wouldn’t have a problem. There must be a reason why he’s putting in overtime right?

I understand that she would like her husband to be around more. But I feel that this should’ve been a conversation where she expressed these feelings with her husband. And if she doesn’t like him coming home late and the reason for him working so much is because they need more income, maybe the wife should offer to pick up some extra work (if she even works I’m not sure). 

I want to know how the husband feels about this. The article said that their relationship has improved from this ridiculous method that’s been implemented. I don’t think the husband is too happy. If I were him, that would give me so much anxiety! What if I’m stuck in traffic because of a horrible accident? What if I need to go make a quick run to the store? It’s taking away his freedom of being a human being. Husbands or anyone for that matter shouldn’t be treated like this! 

And on top of that, he has to do chores if he comes late?! This sounds more like a good solution for a rebellious adolescent, not an ADULT! That’s crazy! 

*Now this is just my opinion based on the information given in the article. There could possibly be other factors of this story that weren’t mentioned. But I’m just going off of what was provided*

So what do you think about this?! I want to hear your opinion! 


5 thoughts on “She Makes Her Husband “Clock In” At Home?! 

  1. This certainly got my attention. I’ve never heard of anyone pulling that one before. If I tried this on my partner it just wouldn’t wash. The ‘weekend chores’ would simply go undone as both parties would be too stubborn to back down and do them.

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