Crazy Ladybugs! 

When I moved into my new apartment a few months ago, we had an overflow of ladybugs!

At first there were only like 2-5 so I was like “aww they’re so cute, let me set them free!”

But then as the days went on, I started seeing more and more and more! (Literally!)

At this point they were annoying me because I had to vacuum the ladybugs like twice a day! 

I think they were hibernating in the cracks of the windows ugh! 

There was one crawling on my window ledge and instead of vacuuming, I picked it up so I could put it outside.

Then my finger felt a little weird and I realized that sucker bit me! It happened so fast and as a reflex, I shook the ladybug off of my hand and it catapulted onto my carpet!

I was so shocked at what just had just happened! A cute little ladybug just bit me! I heard that they bite but never experienced it until this time. I’m never picking up a ladybug with my bare hands again! I learned my lesson!

But thank the heavens that we no longer have a ladybug infestation! 

If you’ve had a ladybug problem, how did you get them out of your home?!

Daily Prompt – Catapult


8 thoughts on “Crazy Ladybugs! 

  1. “I shook the ladybug off of my hand and it catapulted” Well. That’s new. I remember when I was little and I saw and heard a flying cockroach for the first time, the little things are seem so harmless, you could take thin bed slippers and kill them… flying. I was shookth.
    I ended up seeingthem differently after that, scarier.

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  2. Anyway, don’t move too scared. It’s good when we see the strength things that we thought harmless now have. Same for people. I would still take up those lady bugs but just be a little bit more careful cause you know something different now.
    *never thought I would see a metaphor out of your story*

    — Bless

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