Here’s What Too Much Sitting Does To Your Body!

1. Your muscles are wasting away!

When you sit all day, your muscles especially in your legs are slowly wasting away! 

2. Your nerves are spazzing out!

Even though the body may be relaxed when sitting, your nerves are going through torture! Sitting for long periods of time can cause strained and pinched nerves which could result in pain throughout your whole body!

3. Your upper body slouches forward!

When you slouch while sitting, your head is pulled down and forward by gravity which could lead to pain in the future. 

4. Your lumbar discs are getting crunched!

An upright position puts the discs in your lower back in proper alignment and minimizes pressure. 

Sitting forces the vertebrae to crunch down on each other, increasing the risk of chronic lower back pain.

5. You’re fighting a natural instinct!

Your body responds to sitting with pain because our natural instinct is to move around! The pain is signaling your body to get up and move! When we don’t move, we suffer. 


–Try standing up every 30 minutes to give your muscles some movement. Walk around for a few minutes to get the blood flowing again!

–Align your spine straight up and down, with force of gravity to prevent aching when sitting.

–Do a few light stretches! Here’s a link with easy stretches you can do right at your desk! Deskercise Routine

–Adjust your positioning every 15-30 minutes to prevent changes to your lumbar discs. 

I hope this has made you aware of what’s happening to your body when sitting! Try being mindful of how long you’ve been sitting, especially if you sit at a desk all work day like me!

A good idea would be to set an alarm on your phone if you have to so you can be reminded to get up and move around a bit! =)

Source: Too Much Sitting

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