His First Time

He has prepared a marvelous home cooked dinner for the two of them.

He has carefully decorated the table with fancy plates, the best silverware, wine glasses, and her favorite bottle of wine.

Taper candles have been lit to set the perfect romantic atomesphere. 

A trail of rose petals neatly spread from the front door leading to the dinner table. 

This being his first time surprising his wife like this, he is super nervous, 

constantly adjusting the items on the table to make sure everything is flawless. 

He finally hears his wife unlocking the front door!

He grabs the bouquet of flowers that he bought for her and stands in front of the door, waiting.

She comes in and he greets her with a hug, kiss, beautiful flowers, and a “Happy Anniversary, my love!”

She is ecstatic, overjoyed and loved everything that he has prepared for her! 

She said this is an anniversary that she will never forget! 

Daily Prompt – Taper

Photo: Pexels.com

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