Nostalgia For Me!

Have you guys heard of Total Whole Grain Cereal? I remember seeing it as a kid in groceries stores and I do still see it when I go shopping. I’ve never tried it before but it looks like Cornflakes.

Growing up my mom used to buy Cornflakes to be “healthy” but I hated them! So I added sugar so it could taste better!

I love cereal! It’s like nostalgia for me because I used to eat cereal ALL the time when I was a kid and I still enjoy it to this day! 

Here are a list of my favorite cereals! (Not in any order):

-Frosted Flakes

-Cap N Crunch

-Honey Bunches of Oats

-Lucky Charms

-Frosted Cheerios

-Fruity Pebbles

Mmmm so yummy! 

Do you have any favorite cereals? If so what are they?! 

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