Then They Hear It…

Wife and daughter are patiently waiting.

It has been 6 months since they have

been graced by his presence.

Fighting for his country, out to sea with his shipmates.

Today is the day he returns to his family. 

His favorite meal has been cooked, 

A “Welcome Home” banner hanging proudly from their home.

Then they hear it…

His footsteps leading to the front door.

The jangle of his keys as he prepares to open the door.

Wife and daughter scream with excitement!

Daughter flings open the door before he 

could even unlock it and jumps into her dad’s arms,

almost knocking him over from such a surprising gesture! 

“Welcome home daddy!” screams the daughter and wife follows right after with a tight, warm, and loving family hug.

Now they are finally back together again. 

As one happy family. 

Daily Prompt – Jangle


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