Art by Michael Jr. 

A good friend of mine, Michael Anderson Jr., is an amazing artist and creates fascinating works of art!
Here’s a little background about Michael Jr, The Artist!

D.C. Chillin’ with graphite and ink by Michael Jr.



From the beginning:

He started creating art at a very young age as soon as he could pick up paper and a crayon!

His inspiration:

His parents, who are creative people, encouraged him to express his inner most self through art!

The majority of his artwork is based off of creative expression.

Unknown Galaxy, acrylic paint by Michael Jr.


Materials used in his artwork:


He uses different materials to create his work such as acrylic paint, graphite, ink, and modeling clay. 

Current Work: 

Michael currently is a painter for a Gallery Exhibit at his workplace in D.C.! So be on the lookout, because his artwork will be nationwide before you know it! =)

I encourage you guys to follow his page and show some support to this up and coming artist!

His art pieces are available for purchase too!

So if you see a piece you like, don’t be shy! His art will add liveliness to your home or office space!

Click the link below to view the rest of his artwork!

Art By Michael Jr. Instagram

Photos: All Rights Reserved To Michael Anderson Jr. ©

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