Mi Amor Para La Comida Asiática/My Love For Asian Food! (Spanish/English Post)

Hola! Comó estás?!

Estoy bien. Ayer, mi marido y yo comimos en el supermercado Asiática llamado HMart en Yonkers! 

Yo ordené el pollo teriyaki con arroz! 

Mi marido ordenó mariscos picante ramen!

Las porciones de comida eran enormes! 

Cada comida vino con kimchi y estaba comestible aunque era muy picante!

La comida estuvo delicioso! 

Qué comidas comiste ayer?


Hi! How are you?!

I am doing well. Yesterday my husband and I ate at an Asian supermarket called HMart in Yonkers! 

I ordered chicken teriyaki with rice!

My husband ordered spicy seafood ramen! 

The portions of the meal were huge!

Each meal came with kimchi and it was edible even though it was very spicy! 

The food was delicious!

What meals did you eat yesterday? 
**I write weekly Spanish/English posts in order to help me practice my Spanish and so that I can dialogue with anyone who is trying to practice Spanish too! So if you’re interested, comment below to participate! =)**

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