Jones Beach in NYC!

This Saturday I had the opportunity to head out to Jones Beach in Long Island. I’ve always heard great things about it so I was excited to finally go! 

It was about an hour drive from where I live which wasn’t too bad.

The parking system was so organized and the walk to the beach was super close so I was super happy!

We rented an umbrella for $20 and they give you $10 back once you return it. We arrived close to 11am so it wasn’t that many people there. 

My husband and I relaxed and layed out on the beach. We enjoyed listening to our Pandora shuffle stations while playing card games for a bit. I had to test out the water so I got my feet wet a bit which was pretty cold as first but then I got used to it! Haha

I was expecting to have to use a porter potty if I had to use the bathroom but I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a regular restroom which was very clean! That made my life so much easier!

They also had an area with umbrellas where you can sit and eat food from the little restaurant they had. The menu included hotdogs, nachos, fried shrimp and fries, chicken fingers, and more! They also sell beer too so my husband was happy about that! Haha! 

I love basking in all of the fragrances of the  beach! It’s great putting my toes in the sand and seeing the little shells bury themselves into the sand as the water comes into the shore. 

I’m feeling extremely refreshed from my trip to the beach! I can’t wait to go back!

Did you go to the beach this weekend?
Daily Prompt – Fragrance

11 thoughts on “Jones Beach in NYC!

      1. Cool! I born and live there for 21years and I never visit that beach. Can you believe that!! I might go in my next visit! I’m from the east of the island!

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      2. Ohh wow! Haha I can believe it. I’ve lived in Virginia Beach for a very long time and only went to the beach like a handful of times. Now I miss going to the beach! And I’ve been in NYC for 4 years and still haven’t visited a bunch of the major monuments here lol! So don’t feel bad lol. My husband and his family is from the west side Aguadilla and Rincรณn. I haven’t visited the east side but would love to take a trip around the whole island in the future! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. We grew up in the Bronx. So Jones Beach on Long Island was something of a trek, but a special treat on the rare occasions our parents were able to take time off work. It seemed an enormous place w/ beautiful stretches of white, sandy beach. The ocean waves were powerful (and likely to knock us down), but at the same awe inspiring. Our Mom would pack a big hamper of food. And we’d all get burned to a crisp in the days before sunscreen. But the pain was worth it. Lying in bed at night after a day at Jones Beach, we could still feel those waves crashing over us. Your post brought the experience back. ๐Ÿ™‚

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