“13 Reasons Why” You Should Focus on Yourself Instead

Here is a great inspirational post for your Saturday night! Thank you buddingregardless for posting this! ❤️
Check out 13 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Yourself!

Budding Regardless

Originally posted on Twitter on the 19th of July.


We live in a world highly saturated with selfish people, people who only need you in their lives because you are beneficial to them. Let us stop trying to change people or forcing them to care, rather focus on your own health, heart and mind. Some people will only ever holla at you when all they need is your help meanwhile they couldn’t avail themselves when you needed their help.

How can you possibly expect anyone to support you if you don’t believe in your own craft? Forget the people and focus on why you started and where you are planning on going. Keep cheering yourself on and the rest of the world will gradually climb abroad when they see how much it matters to you. Social media will hold you back if you are constantly trying to keep up with…

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2 thoughts on ““13 Reasons Why” You Should Focus on Yourself Instead

  1. This is what I’ve had to learn, this has been a constant and recent lesson but I’m definitely getting it now and it’s so much better that way.✨

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