Who Is Ready For The New NFL Season?! 

I think professional football is my favorite sport to watch! 

My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers and I’ve been a fan since I was a kid being that most of my family were fans too! 

When I watch my team play, I turn into a different person! Normally I’m laid back and chill but as soon as the Steelers are playing, you can hear me yelling at the tv screen when we make a sorry move or cheering loudly when we score a touchdown! Haha! 

The Steelers will be playing the New York Giants tonight at 7pm in their first preseason game! I am definitely tuning into watch and they better deliver a win tonight! 

Are you a Steelers fan?! What’s your favorite NFL team?! 

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12 thoughts on “Who Is Ready For The New NFL Season?! 

  1. Me! I am so glad there are other women who enjoy this sport… The Steelers are my fave AFC team but as a Philly girl, I got to go with the Eagles!
    I also found a new website to pick games (for dun) since Fox Sports Picks stopped doing it this year.

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    1. Yes football is so exciting and intense and I love it! Woot woot go Steelers! The Eagles are a good team too. Normally I would only watch my team whenever they have a game. But I think I want to start watching other teams play against each other too! It’s a good way to stay in the loop of what’s going on! What is “dun”?

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  2. I could care less about NFL football…but I LOVE Steelers football!

    I’m a Steelers fan through marriage (My wife is from the Pittsburgh Metro). I will never forget the Christmas before we got married, where her family proceeded to give me two Steelers t-shirts, a Steelers ball cap, a Steelers pennant, and a Terrible Towel. I think my future in-laws were trying to tell me something.

    Watching Steelers football on TV every week is one of many things I miss after moving back to my native Upstate New York after attending college in Western Pennsylvania. Nothing against the Giants, Jets, and Bills fans that live here, but if the Steelers aren’t on TV, I could not care less. There needs to be a Steelers bar where I live!!

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    1. Haha that’s awesome! You have more Steelers apparel than me though I do have a Terrible Towel! 🎉 I went to Penn State University in Erie Pa and my campus was filled with Steelers fans! I loved it! Thank you for reading! 😁


  3. Nice post!! Go Giants! Lol Big fan of the Big Blue Wrecking Crew! I dig the Steelers, too. The owners of the Giants and Steelers have a family connection. Both those very successful franchises are models for how to operate an NFL team. 🏈

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