My Busy Saturday!

This is a super busy Saturday for me and I need to make sure that things are organized so I won’t forget anything! 

I work with an event planner and I was supposed to help with an event this morning but that was cancelled.

I also give driving lessons to my friend on Saturdays depending on my schedule. Since that event was cancelled, I was able to do the driving lesson with her. She was super happy because it’s been a while since we’ve had a lesson due to my busy schedule! 

Right now I’m on my way to Pennsylvania, about 2 hours away from NYC. My uncle (in-law) is having BBQ at his home so that’s going to be a lot of fun with games, food, drinks, and fun! It’s always a good time when I spend time with my family!

My cousin (in-law) is having her birthday celebration at a nightclub back in NYC so after the BBQ, hubby and I are heading back home to get ready for that outing!

For the event, we’re supposed to wear all white and I’m one of those people who don’t own a lot of white clothing lol. I hate wearing white because I get so paranoid about getting it dirty! You should’ve seen me yesterday! I was literally searching all over to find an all white outfit and didn’t really have that much luck!

I did find a white bodysuit so I’ll probably pair it with something that’s not white LOL! So we’ll see what happens! 

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you as busy as me?! LOL

Daily Prompt – Organize


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