I Won’t Be Able To Relax!

I am a person who likes things organized and in order.

When things are willy-nilly, I get a little anxiety because things aren’t in their rightful place! 

For instance, if there is a table that has items randomly spread out, I have to put these things in order or I won’t be able to relax! LOL

I also like things to be left the way that they were after someone has used it.

For instance, if I rip a piece of a paper towel  from the roll, and that small piece of paper towel still remains after tearing it, I will freak out! So I have to rip that annoying small piece off so that I’ll be even again. LOL

Does it drive you crazy when things arent organized or in order? 
Daily Prompt – Willy-nilly


4 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Able To Relax!

  1. Brittany, I used to be so uptight about this! I mean, I had it bad! Then, I had kids. 🙄 Now…shoot! I focus more on the love than the order. It still irks me like nails on a chalkboard, but I am quick to let it go.

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