The Magic Of Thinking Big!

Hey guys! Happy Friday!

I’m feeling great today! 

This morning I had time to read my book “The Magic of Thinkig Big” by David J. Schwartz and it gave me a nice motivational boost this morning! 

Here’s a small passage from the book: 

“The moral: Practice uplifting self-praise, don’t practice belittling self-punishment. You are what you think you are. Think more of yourself and there is more of you. Upgrading your thinking upgrades your actions, and this produces success.”

Definitely a good read so far! 

Then I was motivated to work on learning French. I’ve been learning using this app called Duolingo which has a lot of other languages that you can learn as well. 

So I did some French practice for a few minutes before heading to work!

Listened to some Drake on the way to work to pump me up even more and now I’m here! 

The work day is going well so far and I’m almost done with the day so I’m feeling super good right now! 

What are your morning routines to start off your day? 

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