Halloween Weekend 2017 in Virginia! 

Every year my husband and I usually spend Halloween with my father n law in Virginia Beach,VA! 

We ended up going to a bar called Rainbow Cactus Company! The music was great! The drinks were a lot cheaper than here in NYC so that was refreshing! Lol

Here are some pictures from the weekend! 

Biker Chick! 🤘🏾
My husband was V from V for Vendetta!

V and Mr. Pirate(father n law)!
Mr. Pirate, Military Girl (sis n law), and V!

The awesome decorations inside one of the places we stopped by!

Broken baby doll, pirates, and 50s girl!

I really like my choker! 😜🕷

What were your plans for this past Halloween Weekend?!

Comment below, I’d love to hear about your weekend! 

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