Hello November!

I can’t believe how fast time has been flying! Lately I’ve been forgetting what day it is! Haha! 

It’s been super cold lately here in NYC! It’s cooler in the mornings and sometimes it warms up later in the day. The temperatures rise to the high 60s sometimes 70s! 

But I’ve been wearing my scarf these past few days and have been considering pulling out my hat and gloves too! 

Thanksgiving will be here very soon! 
My sister is spending Thanksgiving with me and my husband this year so that should be fun! 

I’m thinking of doing some Black Friday shopping but ONLINE though! I don’t want to get trampled or worse if I go shopping in store! 

Do you know of any good stores to shop online on Black Friday? I was thinking of looking on Amazon, Sephora, Overstock, and Forever 21.

Do you have any exciting plans for this month?! Comment below! ⬇️

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