Throwback Thursday!

Here is a picture of me back in 2014 when I used to workout like all the time! I used to workout like 4 times a week. Sometimes I would do an at-home workout and I’d also go to Planet Fitness! I️ was so dedicated back then lol.

My routine was to do the elliptical for about 30 minutes. Do a few of the arm machines and leg machines. To finish up, I found routines on Pinterest and would do an ab workout. Then I would stretch and be done!

I loved how it made me feel! I felt energized, strong, and most of all in shape! Lol. I haven’t worked out like that since then! But I do want to start working out again. Event though I eat pretty healthy, I still need to get my body moving!

I’d rather workout at home because of the convenience so I have to check Pinterest for some at home workout plans!

Do you have a workout schedule for the week? Comment below to give me some ideas! ⬇️

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