My Eventful Weekend!

Saturday we hung out with my friend earlier in the day. We actually went to Dunwoodie Pizzeria in Yonkers. My husband got a recommendation for us to try this place out. I ordered the chicken bacon ranch pizza, our friend ordered the buffalo chicken pizza, and my husband ordered a chicken wrap. The food was so delicious!

And it’s funny because this pizzeria is close by and I never heard of or seen it before! I’m glad we went here! They also make homemade Italian ices and sell it all year round! Isn’t that awesome! So we bought a big container of cherry and lemon!

Sunday we went to dinner at this Peruvian Restaurant called Pio Pio in the Bronx for my mother n law’s birthday! I ordered Camarones Cuzco which was a shrimp dish in a citrus sauce with yellow rice.

My husband ordered the Lomo Saltado which was steak mixed in with rice and french fries.

I’ve never had Peruvian food before so the taste and food pairings were a little different for me but my family said they enjoyed everything!

Have you had Peruvian food before?! Comment below!

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