6 Tricks To Score Free Drinks At A Bar, According To Bartenders!

So how do you get a free drink at a bar?! Well here are some tips from a few bartenders that can help you earn a free one!

1. Be Generous!

Ricky Powell, bartender at BAR, says you should show your generosity to either your friends and to the bartender. For example, buy a round for a group of friends including a generous tip to earn a nice drink!

2. Refer The Bar!

Jeremy Allen from MiniBar Hollywood says it’s a great idea to recommend the bar to your friends. It’s a bigger plus if those friends come back with a friend or group of friends!

3. Be Loyal!

Being a repeat customer to a single bartender is a easy way to score a free drink according to Ben Spirk of Manatawny Still Works Tasting Room. He advises that being loyal to a specific bartender will get you a few complementaries if you come often and drink more than 2 rounds. Also, do not ignore other bartenders just to get a free drink because that’s a bad look to all bartenders.

4. Celebrate A Big Event!

If you attend the bar due to a life changing event like earning a raise, new job, new apartment, etc., make sure to let the bartender know! Powell says the bartender may be inclined to celebrate with you by giving you a free drink! Since birthday announcements are overused, it’s best to avoid using that reason for a free drink.

5. Happy Hour With Colleagues!

The next office happy hour should be hosted at your favorite bar. Allen says if your boss buys rounds for the office, it’s guaranteed that bartenders will offer you a free one for your next visit to the bar!

6. Bar Half Empty!

Spirk says you’re more likely to get compensated for a drink if you show up during a slow time. This allows for you to connect and have a conversation with the person behind the bar versus a busy Friday or Saturday night. When you come in on a slow day, you get to know the bartender better and you’re helping their slow night go by more quickly!

Have you tried out any of these tips before?

Do you have any other tips to score a free drink?

Comment below! 😊

Source: msn.com

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