I Finally Did 23AndMe DNA Test! All About My Ethnicity!

I’m super excited because I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and finally, I took the 23AndMe DNA test! I sent in my saliva sample and I received my results in about 2 weeks.

Before I took the test, I’ve known that I am African American born in the United States. I have Native American descent because of my paternal great grandmother being half Native American (not sure of the tribe). That’s all I know! Anyhoo, here are the results!

I knew I would have majority of African descent! But what surprised me was how little of Native American descent I have! I thought it would be about 5% at least! I guess not lol.

The only set back to this test is that they don’t give you specific areas of the regions that you could be from. For instance, it says I’m 84% West African, but there’s a variety of options like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Ghana, etc. So my background can be from one region in West Africa or many regions! If there is a DNA test out there that gets more specific, please let me know! I’d love to know more about my African culture!

I knew I’d have some European descent because we’re all mixed some how some way! Now the 3.4% Irish side can pridefully celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Haha!

I’m also have Neanderthal in my DNA as well! Check out more details about Neanderthals and how they evolved over the years!

I’m starting to think that those small percentages that are less than 1% have to do with my Neanderthal ancestry. It states that the Neanderthals did interbreeding with modern humans in these regions. It’s pretty interesting that I can trace these ancestors all the way back to the beginning!

I am going to do more research for sure and ask my relatives to see if they know more about our ancestry. Well I’m a step closer to knowing more about my background and what makes me ME! Im glad I decided to do this test!

Have you taken any DNA tests? If so, did your results surprise you?! Comment below! 😊

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