5 Ways To Love Yourself On Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with fresh flowers, chocolates, and heartfelt V-day cards. Well for those that don’t have a Valentine or for those that just don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, here’s an idea to still make the best of this romantic day! And that is to show yourself some love!

I want to share with you 7 Ways To Love Yourself On Valentine’s Day!

Go Shopping

Treat yourself and go on a little shopping spree! Shop for an item or a few items that’ll put a smile on your face!

Pamper Yourself

Buy your favorite flowers and display in a lovely vase for you to admire! Or go above and beyond and get a nice manicure and pedicure! You can also have an at home spa day: take a nice bubbly bath with Epsom salt and your favorite bath bomb!

For men, pamper yourself by getting a fresh haircut! You can even get a pedicure to relax a bit or even buy a new pair of shoes!

Date Yourself

Have a date night at home with yourself dressed in your most comfy sweatpants. Order a delicious meal from your favorite takeout spot! Put your phone to the side, pour some wine or grab a beer, and binge on every movie your celebrity crush has ever appeared in!

Rediscover Your Passion

Think about what makes you feel excited! Indulge in that hobby that you’ve been putting off for months or try something totally new and different, whatever floats your boat!

Another way to rediscover your passion is to revisit your goals, break them down into smaller tasks to add a little ease to accomplishing your goals!

Make a List of 10 Things You Love About Yourself Everyday

Think about your strengths, what you’re skilled in, how you treat people, etc. Write out 10 things that you love about yourself and once they’re written, read them aloud in front of the mirror (when you read aloud you are improving your memory). So the list of things that you love about yourself will become embedded in your memory and will add to your self confidence!

I hope you enjoy spending time with your most favorite person this Valentine’s Day! =)

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