Better Understanding Of Suffering

I always see this quote said by Buddha.

I didn’t really understand what it meant, maybe because it’s such a simple statement.

Then I came across this quote…

This quote is still simple, but when I thought about it, Mooji (Jamaican spiritual teacher) is pretty much saying what Buddha was trying to say in his quote.

This is how I interpret it: Whatever comes to you, whether that be good news/bad news, a problem or obstacle, or something unexpected, don’t resist it. Accept what it is and go with the flow.

When it goes, whether that be a relationship that ended, losing a job, or anything that will leave you sad and/or disappointed, don’t dwell on the loss.

I’m sure there will be some things that come and go that may be more serious than the things I’ve mentioned. But I think Mooji is saying whatever comes or goes in your life, good or bad, accept it for what it is and learn from that situation.

I think the reason we may push something away, grieve a situation, or become attached is because we fear the unknown. Whatever happened was probably unexpected so we freak out because it didn’t go our way (that’s where that attachment comes in), and we might drown in our emotions as a response to the situation.

I do believe that there should be a time frame to feel those emotions you get as a result of the unknown happening. But during that time we should be trying to answer questions like: why am I feeling like this? Why did this happen to me? What is the God/the Universe/the situation trying to teach or show me? Or any other questions that fit with the situation at hand.

Have an open mind to accepting your answers in forms of conversations you may have with someone, through a movie/tv show you may watch, or something you may see while you’re out in public. I believe meditation and prayer can be very helpful in finding your answers too.

Everything happens for a reason, so as long as you don’t become too attached to people/things/situations, you shouldn’t endure much suffering.

If you’re dealing with a tough situation that you may be having trouble getting through, remember these quotes said by Buddha and Mooji.

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