Where Are My Virgos?!

Virgo Season is officially here! ♍️ 💜
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my 8/23 Virgos! 🎉
Shout out your birthday in the comments!

Mine is 9/22! 😁

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8 thoughts on “Where Are My Virgos?!

  1. Hello, here’s a Virgo here – September 1. Nice to connect with you.
    By the way, do you share the same feeling as me & that we are the most misunderstood of all the signs? 🙂 Happy belated birthday, Hugs – Harlon

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      1. My Ascendant and Mars are in Virgo, Mars being in the first house (according to my astrology obsessed best friend) and Moon in Pisces.My best friend is a Virgo and in general I connect with Virgos well.

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