5 thoughts on “Express Yourself

      1. Yes. But can we decide who can be with us or who can not? There would be circumstances where you won’t be around such people. But what I think is, as long as you are doing what is needed for your life, or for society, or for nation or world. Then it’s fine to express. The people will always have opposite motions and perspectives. So, when it’s important for you, you should express. It doesn’t matter if someone listens, supports or anything.. I would like to know your thoughts. 😁

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      2. I agree with you. For expression, I’m talking more about someone being able to be their funny self, their emotional self, their quiet self, their quirky self, etc. Even when you’re around family, sometimes they are discouraging
        of your expression because it may be different from what their used to. When you’re around people who fully accept you for who you are, it’s easier to feel comfortable with physically and emotionally expressing yourself. Thanks for your input 😊

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