My Loc Journey!

After a lot of research and watching numerous YouTube videos lol, I decided to start my loc journey. I have been thinking about locking my hair for a while but was nervous that if I didn’t want them anymore, I would have to cut them off.

BUT I found out that you DON’T have to cut off your locs, all you’d have to do is comb them out (which would be a lengthy process) and you’ll still have all of your hair!

I have been loc’d for about 2 months now and I’M LOVING IT! It’s so much easier to maintain than my natural curly coily hair.

I have a detailed video with my 6 week loc update that include pictures and what I’ve experienced in each week.

Here’s the link! Hope you get a chance to check it out! =)

Starter Loc Journey!

Repotting My House Plants!

I have a few plants that needed to be transferred to a larger pot so they can have more space to grow!

Check out my video of me repotting my plant babies and I also share some facts about these houseplants too!

Repotting My Houseplants!

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I’m Back!

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been missing in action for a bit! I’ve been busy with family life and working on some new creative projects!

I’ll be sharing that with you very soon so stay tuned!!!

How’s everyone doing?! Have you done anything new or exciting lately?!

Has Anyone Tried This Before?!

So a few years ago, my friend put me on to bubble tea and from then on, I got hooked! Lol

Check out what I thought when I first tried bubble tea! My First Bubble Tea Experience!

So I found a spot literally right up the street from my place so I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing lol. I might end up going there like everyday haha!

The place is called King Fu Tea and they serve milk tea, slushies, and other assorted drinks that have many flavors and add ons!

I usually order a milk tea with the flavored bubbles and I love it so much! I’m already a big tea drinker so this is like heaven for me!

I have to say that I enjoy this version of bubble tea more than my first bubble tea. Mainly because the first time, it had the chewy tapioca pearls which I’m not a fan of. This tea has the bubbles that are flavorful and have a nice pop to them!

Earl Grey Tea with hints of rose hip and blueberry with grape bubbles

Have you tried bubble tea before? If so, what is your favorite combo?!

My Valentine’s Day 2021

So my hubby and I don’t really make it a big deal to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But we figured that this is our first V Day living in a new city, new home, new everything pretty much lol. So we wanted to take advantage of this holiday and celebrate!

We decided last minute that we wanted to try and go bowling. Unfortunately every place was packed so we just decided to stay home lol. And yes we’re being safe out there for those who are wondering lol.

We ended up ordering dinner from a nice local restaurant and ate it at home while watching a movie. We loved all the food that we ordered so we are definitely ordering from them again!!! Here are a few pictures of what we ordered!

Crab stuffed shrimp, fried Brussels sprouts, bbq corn, and biscuits
Hubby had steak and scallops
This was one of our appetizers. It was pork belly with corn. OMG amazing!
All the other food we ordered!

I also told hubby that all he has to get me is a bouquet of flowers, I didn’t want roses because I wanted to be different lol. So check out what he got for me!

I loved it! And the strawberries were delicious too! Yum!

Funny story is that I planned to make my own chocolate covered strawberries so when I saw his strawberries I was surprised, but I definitely wasn’t complaining! Haha! Here are how my strawberries turned out!

I used Hershey’s chocolate to coat the strawberries. So delicious!

So I have to say that I enjoyed my V Day! Did you do anything for Valentine’s Day?!

My Crochet Projects So Far!

I posted a YouTube video talking about the crochet projects that I made so far! Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it yet!

My Crochet Designs!

Since then, I’ve made a few more items! I made crochet gifts for my family members and they were super happy!

I just wanted to show you what I made! These are bracelets, scarves, hats, and cute coffee mug cozies! Check em out!

Headband and matching scarf
Coffee mug cozies
Zoomed in coffee mug cozy
Zoomed in coffee mug cozy
All the bracelets
Different angle of bracelets lol

What do you guys think?! I hope you like them!

If you crochet, did you crochet anything during for the holiday season?!

7 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Halloween in 2020!

We can all agree that this has been an interesting year when it comes to going out on the town with a small group of people, or deciding to stay home with your family. Even though there are regulations for each are about going out, that shouldn’t stop us from still having a great time and making awesome memories with our loved ones!

But can you believe Halloween is three days away?! If you’re still trying to figure out what to do for this spooky holiday this year, here are a few ideas!

1. Go all out with your Halloween Decor

To get in the holiday spirit, make your home a spooky haven filled decorations like with cobwebs, cutout bats, pumpkins, skeletons, funky tree branches, ghosts, scarecrows, candles, and glowing lights!

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decoration Kit

2. Bagging Halloween Treats

To maintain social distancing, a good idea would be to pack treats in small baggies for the kids to grab as they walk by your home. You can leave them on a table outside and wave to the kids from inside as they grab their goodies and replenish the table as the supply gets low!

3. Trunk or Treat

Another cool idea for the kids to collect candy on this holiday is to decorate your car and have them grab their favorite treats from your trunk!

Mad Monster Car Decoration

4. Pumpkin Carving

You can’t go wrong with outlining your favorite stencil on a pumpkin and have a pumpkin carving party with your loved ones! If you want to make it more exciting, you could have a pumpkin carving contest and offer a cool prize to the winner!

Pumpkin Carving Kit

5. Scary Movie Night

Each person can pick their favorite scary movie and watch those movies all night long!

For the adults, there can be some delicious cider, pumpkin, or apple flavored cocktails that can be enjoyed during the movie.

6. Get To Cooking

A fun activity would be to bake a few Halloween themed treats! The kids will love to get hands on with cooking and then be able to enjoy their yummy ghostly creations!

Halloween Baking Stencils

7. Costume Dance Party

Have a small gathering at your place with your best friends and dress in your best Halloween costumes! Have some tasty appetizers or even have everyone bring a dish so all can enjoy. Put on an awesome playlist to get everyone moving and dance the night away!

I hope these ideas are helpful for those who are still trying to figure out their plans.

If you already know what you’re doing for Halloween, comment below to share your ideas!

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Chillin By The Beach!

Even though it’s Fall season, the weather here in Virginia Beach has been warmer than expected! Because of that, I’ve been able to enjoy the beautiful warm and breezy weather by hanging out at the beach!

There is an area near the end of the boardwalk where they have a fishing spot. It was so many people out there so this must be fishing season lol. I was just sitting on the bench with hubby enjoying the warm weather and taking in the beautiful scenery around me!

The Haunting of Bly Manor

I started watching this new Netflix series called The Haunting of Bly Manor. It’s a very interesting storyline so far.

It’s sort of a thriller horror type of series. I like these type of shows because they are intriguing to me!

Have any of you watched this tv series? Do you like thriller movies/tv shows?