Fun Fact!

I used to dislike the color red because I always thought it was too loud and bright lol.

I usually like to wear darker colors like purple (my favorite color), dark blue, forest green, and black.

But the color red has definitely grown on me and I’ve been wearing it more often. It’s not so bad after all lol.

*Red represents strength, power, passion, and is an emotionally intense color.

What’s your favorite color to wear?

Eventful Memorial Day Weekend!

One of my best friends from college was in town for her 30th birthday this past week. We did so many things that it was almost hard to remember all that we did lol. Check out what we were up to!

Wednesday 5/22

She flew in on her actual birthday, 5/22, so I bought her an ice cream cake from Carvel which she loved!

Thursday 5/23

For her birthday weekend, she was dying to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show!

If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a contemporary circus style show based around a specific theme. There are a variety of performances that take place such as hoop diving, daring acrobatic acts, trapeze acts, handbalancing, aerial straps, Russian swings, and more!

So I surprised her with tickets to the Cirque Du Soleil Luzia (light and rain) which was inspired by Mexican culture. She was so hyped and I was too because I’ve always wanted to go to one of these! The show was AMAZING! I was entertained and intrigued from beginning to end! I highly recommend this show if you haven’t seen it already!

Friday 5/24

My friend Elsa’s birthday was this day so she came over and so make her a birthday breakfast! I made Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs with cheese, bacon, and freshly made homefries (I used my handy dandy airfryer!).

We then went to Alamo Drafthouse which is a movie theater where you can order food and drinks while watching your movie, it’s pretty cool. We saw John Wick 3 and OMG it was great! If you’re into crime, action packed thrillers, then you should check it out!

Saturday 5/25

In the morning, my inlaws had a baptism for my husband’s Godson and spent time with the family afterwards.

At night, we went to this lounge in the city called Sounds of Brazil or SOB’s. They normally host themed events and tonight was Caribbean night so they played a mix of reggae, soca, throwbacks, and top 40 tunes. We had such a great night and didn’t get back home until 4 in the morning! The last time I partied until the sun came out was way back in college haha!

Sunday 5/26

My husband’s aunt was hosting a BBQ at her place in Patterson. They had hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages and for dinner we had chicken, ribs, rice and beans. Everything was delicious, I love BBQs!

Me and my niece Bella!

At night, we headed back to town and went bowling with some good friends of ours. We went to Bowlmor Lanes in White Plains. I enjoy going here because they have an arcade area which reminds me of a mini sized Dave n Busters! Everytime I go to an arcade, I’m always drawn to the basketball game and we ended up playing that a few times!

The bowling alley is huge and has about 50 lanes, half upstairs and half downstairs. They have large tv screens all along the walls and have the bowling pins that glow in the dark!

Monday 5/27

We dropped off my friend at the airport super early for her to head back home to the Cayman Islands. I’m glad she enjoyed herself and we made it a 30th birthday weekend to remember! We came home and took a quick nap and headed out for another BBQ at our cousins place. I got in the pool for a bit but the water was freezing! So I just chilled out on their patio area with the fam enjoying the abundant sunshine! Sunbathing is my favorite thing to do so I was soaking up as much Vitamin D as I could!

So as you can see I had a very eventful week! Now I need a break haha!

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you do anything exciting?!

Handmade Jewelry!

My new favorite necklace is this handmade rainbow prism necklace that I got from Etsy!

The jeweler has so many other designs that I love that too! I’m someone who just loves dainty necklaces and when they are handmade I find them to be so much more meaningful! =)

You can check out her instagram page that displays some of her designs here! ZachariahHouse Instagram

What is your favorite accessory to wear?!

It Was A Great Weekend! How Was Yours?

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, I had a family gathering with hubby and my in-laws at a pool hall which was nice. It’s always good seeing family that you haven’t seen in a while! I definitely need more practice playing pool though! Haha!

Sunday I was invited to a street fair in Nyack. It was such beautiful weather that day! They had food trucks, vendors that sold soaps, crystals, clothing, and more! I bought a few crystals and some cute figurines for my place.

I have to say this weekend was fun and eventful! How did you spend your weekend?

80s Themed Party In PA!

This weekend was my dad’s 50th birthday party which was 80s themed! We all came in our coolest and flyest outfits!

There were handmade centerpieces that were 80s themed! Our decorator also handmade my dad’s gift card box which was a large boom box!

We also had a fun candy table that had all of my dads favorite sweets and treats from the 80s!

Below you will see a “Remember When” poster where people wrote memories from growing up in the 80s. I took a snapshot of my mom writing her memory!

Back in high school, my dad had a good group of friends and they called themselves the GQ Crew! So you’ll see a few pictures of them below.

And of course an 80s party isn’t a party without the music from the 80s! We were all jammin to all the good tunes! It was a great time and nice to see everyone be creative with their outfits!

Check out the pictures below!

I’ve also posted a few videos from the party on my IG story, you can check those out right here: JustBrittanyMoments IG Page. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

Vacation In Las Vegas!

We decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary with a week long vacation in Las Vegas and it was amazing! Keep reading below to see all that we did!

January 21 Monday

My husband is a big superhero fan so we had to check out the Marvel Station! It was a fun experience to see the origins of all the superheroes!

We then went to the movie theater and watched Glass. It’s a movie based off of two previous movies, Split and Unbreakable. If you haven’t seen them, make sure you check these thriller, action packed movies!

January 22 Tuesday

Today makes 4 years that we’ve been married! I can’t believe it’s been that long! But time flies when you are married to your best friend! =)

Earlier in the day, we went to the Pinball Hall Of Fame! They have like 5 rows of a variety of pinball machines along with other games like driving games, air hockey, ms Pac-Man, and Supermario to name a few. There were pinball games like game of thrones, bad cats, and they had a row or two or retro pinball games from the 1960s! It’s so crazy that these antique machines are still in such good shape! Being here brought us back to our childhood so we had a blast!

That night, my husband took me to one of the best steakhouse restaurants in Las Vegas! They were ranked one of the best steakhouses 7 years in a row so I was so excited to dine here!

We ordered Calamari for our appetizer which is always a go to for us! For my entree, I ordered the NY Strip Steak and my husband ordered the Porterhouse steak with a side of sautéed button mushrooms and onions. The waiter also brought us complementary spaghetti!

January 23 Wednesday
My husband is a big Dragon Ball Z fan so we went to see that movie at The Orleans, which is a huge building that has New Orleans themed décor. It also had a casino on the first level and the bowling alley was located upstairs, so it was a one stop shop for us haha! We couldn’t leave without bowling so we played 2 games and I won both times! yay haha! I was surprised because I don’t consider myself a pro or anything, but I think I had the best bowling scores this day! 
After that, We went to the Sharf Reef Aquarium which was located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.
January 24 Thursday
We decided to go to the gym in the morning to do a quick workout. Just wanted to make up for all the delicious food and drinks we’ve had so far this week! 
Later that night we went to the MGM Grand hotel which is where they host the boxing fights. We were told by one of our Uber drivers to check out this nightclub called Hakkasan. As we are walking in, we were greeted by a promoter who added us to the guest list of the same club and gave us a free drink ticket! I definitely wasn’t expecting that but it surely was a nice surprise! Hakkasan was huge and was crowded too but we had a good time there! I enjoyed my free drink! Haha!
January 25 Friday
We went back to the strip and headed to the MGM Grand hotel again. What made us come back was the fact that they had a gaming area which had pool tables, jumbo Jenga, Ms. Pacman, air hockey, and basketball games. My husband and I can get really competitive at times so this was just the right place for us!
To finish the night, we went to the casino of that same hotel and played a few games like Black Jack, Keno, Roulette, etc. We’re not big gamblers but we wanted to give it a try plus we knew the waitresses would give us free drinks for playing! I didn’t win a lot of money but I won about $12 so that’s a good start! LOL
First Impression Of Vegas
I thought that January would be a slow month for Vegas since it’s winter time and I THOUGHT there wouldn’t be much going on but I was wrong LOL. Our flight to Vegas was jam packed which was unexpected. We arrived in Vegas and saw so many people it was almost like being back home in NYC! So I’ve come to the conclusion that there is rarely a slow month in Vegas and it’s always a reason to go to Vegas no matter what time of the year it may be! So if you go, be prepared for that!
We didn’t rent a car and decided to Uber everywhere. When I would order our Uber, it would arrive in like 2-3 minutes! I wasn’t used to that because I’m used to waiting at least 10 minutes for an Uber in NYC! So that is a very convenient perk about commuting in Vegas.
The weather while we were there was 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit so it was light jacket weather which was great because we were walking around a lot.
I felt like we did a lot of things but there is still so much more I want to do! This was my first time going to Las Vegas and I had such a great time! I can’t wait to go back!
Have you ever been to Vegas?! If so, what was your best memory?! Comment below!
You can check out more videos on my Instagram page here!

Just Brittany Moments Instagram

Can You Guess Where Are We Going?!

I have some exciting news! My husband and I are going on a nice vacation for our wedding anniversary coming up next week! We haven’t been on a real vacation in a very long time so it’s a big deal for us!

Can you take a guess where we’ll be going?! We will still be in the United States and it’s a popular place to visit!

If you get the answer right, I will share one of your blogs on my page!

Comment below where you think we’ll be going for our anniversary!

My Holiday Week!!!

My parents and sister came to spend the holiday with me and my husband!

We did the escape room challenge and our theme was Alien Conspiracy. So we had to try and save all the documentation that proved aliens exist and we had to stop a bomb from going off! We had 60 minutes to complete the task and we were getting so nervous each task we had to do was so difficult to solve plus we were approaching the last few minutes!

We weren’t sure if we were going to finish! But we had great teamwork and was able to finish the challenge with 3 minutes left! Yay! They told us that this was their toughest escape room and had a 30% success rate so we were so happy that we finished it!

My mom is from NYC so we met up with her side of the family at a nice restaurant in Manhattan called Caffe Napoli. We had Bruschetta Salad for appetizers and boy was that delicious! For my entree I ordered Stuffed Chicken Marsala with Gnocchi and my husband ordered Filet Mignon w/ Beef Ravioli. Wow everything was so tasty!

My mother in law hosted Christmas Eve and I made the traditional Puerto Rican dish called Pernil which is slow roasted pork shoulder. It was a success because everyone loved it and there was none left! Haha

For Christmas we stayed in and I cooked a nice big breakfast for us all! We opened all of our gifts and everyone pretty much got what they wanted! One of my favorite gifts is my new iPhone 8 Plus! My husband surprised me and I couldn’t be more happier because I was so overdue for a new phone!

This was such a great Christmas and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with my family!

What did you all do for the holidays?? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you did!