My Holiday Week!!!

My parents and sister came to spend the holiday with me and my husband!

We did the escape room challenge and our theme was Alien Conspiracy. So we had to try and save all the documentation that proved aliens exist and we had to stop a bomb from going off! We had 60 minutes to complete the task and we were getting so nervous each task we had to do was so difficult to solve plus we were approaching the last few minutes!

We weren’t sure if we were going to finish! But we had great teamwork and was able to finish the challenge with 3 minutes left! Yay! They told us that this was their toughest escape room and had a 30% success rate so we were so happy that we finished it!

My mom is from NYC so we met up with her side of the family at a nice restaurant in Manhattan called Caffe Napoli. We had Bruschetta Salad for appetizers and boy was that delicious! For my entree I ordered Stuffed Chicken Marsala with Gnocchi and my husband ordered Filet Mignon w/ Beef Ravioli. Wow everything was so tasty!

My mother in law hosted Christmas Eve and I made the traditional Puerto Rican dish called Pernil which is slow roasted pork shoulder. It was a success because everyone loved it and there was none left! Haha

For Christmas we stayed in and I cooked a nice big breakfast for us all! We opened all of our gifts and everyone pretty much got what they wanted! One of my favorite gifts is my new iPhone 8 Plus! My husband surprised me and I couldn’t be more happier because I was so overdue for a new phone!

This was such a great Christmas and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with my family!

What did you all do for the holidays?? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you did!

Pizza & Brew in NYC!

I discovered an interesting restaurant a few weeks ago called pizza & Brew. The decor of the restaurant looked so welcoming and I knew anything involving pizza had to be good! Haha! So my hubby and I went to this past weekend.

They have a variety of pizzas, Italian dishes, burgers, and more! They also have a good selection of beer and you can even buy a pitcher for your table!

Here is the Tomato Bruschetta that we ordered for an appetizer. Yum!

I ordered A La Vodka Pizza that had bacon chicken cutlets and a la vodka sauce substituted for tomato sauce.

My hubby ordered the classic margarita pizza and we also had a pitcher of Sam Adams Winter Lager.

I have to say that everything hands down was amazing! Can’t wait to go back which will probably be next week! =D

Jewel Of Himalaya!

My husband and I went on a dinner date with our friends at Jewel of Himalaya which is an Indian restaurant in Yonkers.

I’ve never been here before but I heard great things about the food so I was excited to give it a try! I ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala and Garlic Naan which are two of my favorites! The food was so delicious, I left the restaurant completely full and satisfied lol! The staff was very attentive, friendly, and made us feel super comfortable. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check out this restaurant!

Fall Cruise in NYC! You Don’t Want To Miss It!

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Are you all about meeting new people?

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If you answered YES to one of these questions, you’re in luck because I have something special for you!

Take a nice relaxing cruise on the Hudson River on Sunday October 21st from 12pm-2pm as you enjoy delicious food as well as lovely wine!

Hosted by Mindful Aura! Follow their Instagram page for more updates!

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Sushi at Tomo Asian Bistro Restaurant in NYC!

I got the chance to eat a lovely meal at this restaurant called Tomo Asian Bistro in Yonkers, NY.

I ordered the chicken teriyaki with rice and the dinosaur roll. I’ve never eaten here before and OMG the sushi was delicious!!! I already can’t wait to go back again haha!

My husband had salmon teriyaki with rice and shrimp avocado roll.

My friend had the Godzilla roll, Manhattan roll, and salmon dumpling (forgot to take a pic of this one).

Here are some pictures of the mouth watering food that we enjoyed!

West Indian Carnival in NYC!

On Labor Day, I went to the West Indian Carnival! The parade was hosted in Brooklyn along Eastern Parkway. I’ve always wanted to go to this parade because I love Caribbean culture and their food and they sure know how to party haha!

My friend who is from the Cayman Islands was here for the carnival as well so she was representing her island! There were a variety of floats that were going by that had DJs playing music with people dancing and waving flags! The people walking in the parade were wearing or waving their flags too. And everyone was dancing to their anthem carnival songs. There were others that had on jeweled outfits and others that had a huge costume that was on wheels! I even saw a man that was completely covered in gold paint and glitter!

Going to carnival was a very nice to experience. It was awesome to see how the Caribbeans celebrated their culture! It was definitely a fun site to see!

Alvin Ailey Ballet Class in NYC!

Alvin Ailey was a dance choreographer and activist who founded the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. He is credited with popularizing modern dance and revolutionizing African-American participation in concert dance.

Growing up, my mother took dance class with Alvin Ailey. Here is a picture of her in NYC.

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater offers numerous dance classes and workshops for those who may not have any dance experience but want to give these classes a try!

I grew up dancing ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance. So dancing is in my blood! Haha! I’ve been wanting to take a class here at the theater so I finally signed up for the Absolute Beginner Ballet Class.

My dance instructor was Anna Lederfeind, originally from Belgium and is a very prestigious ballet instructor. I enjoyed her teaching our class because she was very personable but she also was very stern and made sure every single person was doing every ballet move correctly.

What’s even more awesome is that we had a pianist playing the piano as we were doing our ballet moves! It was pretty awesome! Made me feel like I was in those ballet classes that you see in movies or on tv!

If you enjoy dancing, Alvin Ailey Dance Theater also offers dance and fitness classes that include Afro-Carribean, Ballet, Capoeira, Contemporary, Dance Fitness/Cardio, Hip Hop Street Styles, Horton, Jazz Theater Dance, Pilates Stretch/Core, Salsa, Samba, Tap, West African Dance, and Yoga!

Untermeyer Gardens Conservancy in NYC!

Untermyer Gardens Conservancy is a non profit organization that has 43 acres of gardens that overlooks the Hudson River!

Here are a few pictures that I took!

Check out my Instagram page for more pictures and videos at Just Brittany Moments Instagram!

I hope you get a chance to see this beautiful garden for yourself! 😊

5 Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Day!

Here in NYC, it’s been raining on and off for the past few days and is supposed to continue into the weekend! That’s such a bummer and can put a damper on summer plans!

Here are a 5 fun things to do when it’s a gloomy, rainy day!

1. Break out the board games

When the rain is pouring down outside, find those old board games that you never play. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have with something that doesn’t need electricity to work!

2. Spend a few hours in a café

Get out of the rain and into a café or bar. Grab a seat by the window, consume a nice hot beverage, and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the rain!

3. Give your home a spring clean

It’s not a rainy day activity that everyone would have on their list, but doing the cleaning together is a lot more fun, than doing it on your own. You’ll get everything put away in its proper place, your home cleaned from top to bottom, and you’ll have plenty of time to talk to each other while you do it.

4. Watch old movies or catch up on readings

Rainy days are the best days to watch movies you’ve been dying to watch or even put on a nice classic movie! Catch up on your unfinished readings that you’ve been putting off so you can finally move on to your next read!

5. Get in the kitchen

If you love to cook than baking some delicious treats for you and /or your family might be a good idea! You could even try out a new recipe that you’ve might’ve saved to your Pinterest board!

Hope these tips make your rainy day more enjoyable!