Summer Outfit Of The Day!

My sister and I spent the day in Manhattan. It was super hot today so I made sure to dress for the weather lol.

Here’s my outfit details:

Top: Forever 21

Bottom: Forever 21

Shades: small boutique somewhere lol

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Shoedazzle

As you can see I really enjoy shopping at Forever 21 haha!

6 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!

You skin is dry

Skin is the largest organ of the body. Without proper hydration, skin becomes dry and dull. By drinking more water, it’ll help flush out toxins and replenish your skins tissues hydrated and moisturized.

You’re thirsty

An obvious sign of dehydration is feeling thirsty. When we are dehydrated, our body borrows water and allocates it to the body parts that are in need of hydration. As a result, this causes us to become thirsty.

You have dark urine

If your urine is a darker yellow, you are likely to be dehydrated. Your kidneys have to work harder to keep urine concentrated to retain as much water as possible.

Bad breath

The saliva you’re body produces to clean and lubricate your mouth kills bacteria. If you’re not drinking enough water, you aren’t producing enough saliva to get rid of bacteria. This as a result causes bad breath.

Frequent headaches

When dehydrated, the tissue in our brain loses water, which results in temporary brain shrinkage. As this happens, our brain contracts from our skull, setting off the pain receptors, resulting in a headache. Dehydration also decreases blood volume which reduces blood flow and oxygen to the brain, leading to headaches.

Mood and alertness impaired

One reason dehydration impairs your ability to focus or respond normally is that certain processes in your body are being compromised. Water transports nutrients to the brain as well as flushes out harmful toxins for increased efficiency. Without enough water, this can lead to a lack of focus, moodiness, lethargy, and brain fog.


5 Affordable Store Selections For Men!

Hey fellas do you find it be a little difficult at times to go shopping? Is it a tough task to find affordable items to add to your wardrobe? If you answered yes, then I have a few store selections that are good quality and affordable just for you! Check it out!
1.  H&M


This store offers affordable items that are good for buying jackets, blazers, jeans, t-shirts, and starter suits. H&M sizes may run a bit small so it’s a good idea to try on your items to ensure you get the perfect fit! Take a look at their website below!


2. Target


Target is the go-to place for any and everything, especially clothing! Here you can find affordable blazers, jackets, button down shirts, and more! They also have a wide range of sizes which is helpful if you have a hard time finding your size when shopping!

Target – Men’s Clothing  

3. Uniqlo


If you haven’t heard of this store before, Uniqlo is a Japanese based retailer. They offer a lot of staple items for your wardrobe such as casual, linen, and oxford style shirts, button down shirts, chinos, and denim! Check to see if you have a local store in your area!

Uniqlo – Men’s Clothing

4. American Eagle


This store has been around for a while now and is known for their quality jeans, offering a wide range of sizes as well! You can also find basic t-shirts, chinos, and affordable outerwear. They have a lot of sales going on too so be sure to visit their store or website!

American Eagle Outfitters 

5. Subscription Boxes

PRICE: $$-$$$

If you are not a fan of shopping in stores or online, try out some of these subscription boxes! With this option, you take a survey on your sizes and style preferences. Each month they will send you a few clothing items and/or accessories for a monthly price, which can be cancelled at any time! Check out this link for more info!

Men’s Subscription Boxes

I hope this was helpful for all the men out there! I will also be posting more topics that cater to men so stay tuned for that! Also check out my previous post about 7 Style Tips For Men Who Want To Dress Better!

Do you have any other suggestions of affordable men’s brands? If so, feel free to comment below!

Skin Care Routine!

Hey! Happy Thursday!

The weather has been changing quite a bit and I’m sure that you’ve noticed your skin changing as a result too!

If you need a few skincare tips, check out this basic step by step skin care routine that I posted a while back! Hope you enjoy! 😊

Step By Step Skin Care Routine!

7 Style Tips For Men Who Want To Dress Better!

Hey fellas! Here are some easy and helpful tips on improving your style! Check it out!

1. Purge Your Closet

Start out by trying on the clothes and shoes that you already have. Get rid of any clothes/shoes/other items that don’t fit you properly. A good idea would also be to get rid of any items you have that you haven’t worn in a long time because if you haven’t worn them by now, you’ll probably never wear them lol. This will give you an idea of the items that you have and items that you may need to purchase.

2. Solid, Neutral Colors

When you have solid, neutral colors in your wardrobe, it’s easier to form outfits. Neutral colors are black, white, navy, olive, gray, khaki, and brown.Wearing neutral colors can help you look more polished and sophisticated without even trying! Try adding tops, bottoms/jeans, and shoes to your wardrobe that consists of these colors. Once you get the hang of putting your outfits together, you can begin to tastefully add more color!

3. Cardigans, Button Downs, Blazers

Adding one of these three items can instantly dress up your outfit! Don’t forget about those neutral colors!

4. Accessorize

Accessories can spruce up your outfit if done correctly. Accessories that work well are hats, fashion reading glasses, necklaces, bracelets, watches, and rings. Definitely don’t wear all these accessories at once lol, but wearing a few of these will totally complete your outfit!

5. Your Shoe Game!

The 5 types of shoes you should own are an athletic/running sneaker, a casual sneaker, dress shoes, boat shoes, and the Chelsea boot.

With these shoe options, you can easily dress up or dress down an outfit, depending on the occasion. If you don’t already own all 5 shoe options, just work with the shoes you have in your closet! Experiment by trying on different shoe options with the same outfit to see how much your shoes make a difference in how your outfit looks!

6. Look For Inspiration

Look to places like Instagram or Pinterest for style inspiration. See if there are any styles that you would like to duplicate but also make it your own by adding a cool accessory or by changing up your shoe choice!

7. Make It Your Own!

Have fun with your outfits by experimenting with colors and accessories. Incorporate items that have fun patterns! Try mixing and matching accessories, shoes, colors, to put together different outfits to see how it looks and even take a picture.

That way when it’s time to go somewhere, you already have a few outfits in mind and don’t have to spend hours trying to put an outfit together. Remember, it’s just clothes so try different things and have fun finding the style that works best for you!

Stay tuned for my next post I’ll be releasing on Friday about 5 Affordable Store Selections For Men to help you find the best clothes for your budget!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Good luck with your fashion journey!


Pexels, Pinterest

Men’s Shoes


3 Tips For Men Who Want To Be More Romantic! Details Inside!

Hey guys! Are trying to figure out how to be more romantic to your woman? Here I have 3 tips on how to effectively romance your lover!

1. Discover Her Love Language

There are said to be 5 ways that people can express love to their significant other. The 5 languages are words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Check out this link to learn more about the love languages:
Just think back to all the nice things that you’ve done for your lady throughout your relationship. Try to remember the things/gestures she was most excited about and see which closely matches her love language.
If you treated her to flowers in the past and she was completely overjoyed, her love language may be receiving gifts. If her eyes light up when you’ve given her compliments on how beautiful she looks or how great she is with the kids, her love language may be words of affirmation.
If you are still stumped, take this quiz to discover your spouses love language:
Once you’ve discovered how she likes to receive love, you can properly cater to that love language. Here are some ideas on how to romance your special lady based on her love language.

•Words Of Affirmation

-write her a poem
-tell her that you love her, that she’s beautiful, and that you appreciate her
-leave love notes for her around the house
-Send a text or email expressing how much you love her

•Quality Time

-plan a romantic weekend getaway
-plan a fun day of events that you both will enjoy together
-take a fun class together
-take a roadtrip
-include date night into your monthly routine

•Receiving Gifts

-subscribe her to a magazine that correlates with her hobbies such as gardening, cooking, decorating,etc.
-give her a gift on an unusual holiday
-give her a gift basket with all her favorite things

•Acts Of Service

-take over one of the chores that she normally takes care of around the house; this could be getting the kids ready for school, doing the laundry,etc.
-pack her favorite things for lunch to take into work
-offer to help her if you see her flustered about something

•Physical Touch

-hold her hand
-cuddle together
-give her a neck, back, foot, or full body massage with lotions or warming oils
-make it your duty to kiss her often
-go out dancing

2. The Little Things

If you hear your woman constantly commenting on an issue that she’s been dealing with, pay close attention. Maybe she wants to start getting into yoga, wants more downtime, etc. If you’re able to buy her a pack of yoga classes or take the kids out for the day so she can enjoy some alone time, she will appreciate these gestures. This will let her know that you were paying attention to the small things!

3. Cook Together

If your spouse does majority of the cooking, offering a helping hand in the kitchen would make her heart melt, especially if you dislike cooking in the first place! You could cook with her, come home early one day and already have dinner prepped and ready to be served for the family, or you could set up a romantic dinner just for the two of you. If you are the one that does most or share cooking responsibilities, cook one of her favorite meals that you’ll know she’ll enjoy!
By doing these things, she will see that you made an effort to give your time in helping her with something that she normally does on her own!
If you want to romance your lover on a regular basis, make these gestures become a daily, weekly, and/or monthly habit.
By doing these things for her, you are investing into the relationship, which in turn should make your bond closer and your relationship stronger! Once this becomes part of your normal routine, you will be pleasantly surprised that she will be glad to return the favor! Remember that 😉
I hope these tips were helpful and gave you some good ideas on how to romance your woman! Good luck! 😊

11 Easy Habits That Lead To A Wealthy And Successful Life!

I feel that most of wealthy have sort of a head start in life compared to the low/middle class individuals because of who they are related to, their connections, and the knowledge that’s available to them.

Ever wonder how they do it? Well here are some helpful habits that can lead to a wealthy and successful life! Originally written by Tom Corley:


1. They Read To Learn Everyday

Nearly 9 out of 10 of the wealthy in My Rich Habits Study read 30 minutes or more every day to learn. Reading is work. But it’s work that is necessary if you want to become rich.

Rich people read because they know that knowledge can be leveraged to gain wealth. The more you know about your field, career or industry, the more valuable you are to those you service or sell to in your field, career or industry.

2. Deliberate Practice

Over two-thirds, or 69 percent, of the rich in my study practiced some specific skill for two or more hours every day. Deliberate practice requires conscious practice as opposed to unconscious practice. Conscious practice is practice in which you study everything you do that goes into the skill you have. It’s about studying the intricate details that enable you to become a virtuoso at what you do.

3. Pursue Long Term Goals Or A Dream

70 percent of the rich in my study pursued some long-term goal or some dream. This is what really drives the disparity between the 1 percent and the other 99 percent . Pursuing big goals or dreams creates the opportunity for good luck to happen. The majority of the 1 percent are beneficiaries of good luck — but good luck they put themselves in a position to receive.

4. Focus On Daily Goals
Roughly two-thirds of the rich in my study focused on their daily goals.

5. Save
Nearly all, or 94 percent, of the rich in my study saved 20 percent or more of their income every year.

6. Watch Your Spending
Over two-thirds of the rich in my study were frugal with their money. They spent their money thoughtfully, not emotionally. They bought the highest quality products at the cheapest prices. This habit requires study and patience and delayed gratification.

7. Forge Rich Relationships
Over two-thirds of the rich in my study forged relationships with other upbeat, success-minded people, many of whom were also part of the 1 percent. These are people who can open doors for you.

8. Volunteer
Nearly three-quarters of the rich in my study volunteered five hours or more a month. Why volunteer? Most of the boards and committees in local non-profits are run by successful people within the community.

9. 5:00 AM Club
Almost half, or 44 percent, of the rich in my study woke up three or more hours before they began their work day to pursue dreams and goals, to read and be productive. Waking up early is important. It allows you to get things done first thing in the day that help move you forward in life.

10. Be A Decision-Maker At Work
Over 90 percent of the rich in my study were decision-makers where they worked. If you want to control the outcome of your life, you need to be in charge.

11. Do Work You At Least Like
Nearly 90 percent of the rich in my study liked what they did for a living. When you like what you do, you will devote more time to doing it: more time honing your skills, more time reading to learn everything about your vocation, more time building relationships with other success-minded people within your industry or field, and more time devoted to improving yourself. All of which makes you more valuable.

Everyone wants to be on the summit but few are willing to hike and sweat to get there. The 1 percent control 82 percent of the wealth largely because they’re the ones willing to climb the mountain. If you want to be one of the 1 percent, you need to start climbing, too.


You may have to adjust your daily routine a bit by cutting back on social media, skipping out on those tv shows, turning into bed earlier, etc in order to include these habits into your lifestyle! I will be adjusting things so I can began taking up these habits for sure! Hopefully you found these tips to be helpful!

Remember, “you define what is important to you by what you dedicate your time to”

Another helpful link: Habits Of The Wealthy

Top 5 Face Masks For Acne And Scars!

I know we all have those annoying breakouts here and there! Acne may be something that you deal with on a regular basis which can be even more irritating!

But here are a few DIY face masks to help reduce acne and face scars! Check it out!

Top 5 Homemade Face Masks For Acne and Scars!