80s Themed Party In PA!

This weekend was my dad’s 50th birthday party which was 80s themed! We all came in our coolest and flyest outfits!

There were handmade centerpieces that were 80s themed! Our decorator also handmade my dad’s gift card box which was a large boom box!

We also had a fun candy table that had all of my dads favorite sweets and treats from the 80s!

Below you will see a “Remember When” poster where people wrote memories from growing up in the 80s. I took a snapshot of my mom writing her memory!

Back in high school, my dad had a good group of friends and they called themselves the GQ Crew! So you’ll see a few pictures of them below.

And of course an 80s party isn’t a party without the music from the 80s! We were all jammin to all the good tunes! It was a great time and nice to see everyone be creative with their outfits!

Check out the pictures below!

I’ve also posted a few videos from the party on my IG story, you can check those out right here: JustBrittanyMoments IG Page. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

1980’s Themed Birthday Party! 

So my mom turned the big 5-0 last year and I threw her an 80’s themed birthday party! 

I got lucky and found a bluetooth record player just in time for the party! We borrowed my mother in law’s vinyls. 

We had some Michael Jackson, Madonna, Anita Baker, Motown, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, and Prince to name a few! 

L to R: Uncle, Cousin, Mom

My uncle and cousin were coming as Run DMC and my mom was an 80’s dance teacher (since she’s been a dance teacher for decades!)

Family friend (bottom right) and the rest are cousins
They were having a blast playing Foos Ball, Ms. Pacman and Bad Cats Pinball game!

My uncles: Run DMV and Nicky Barnes. My look was inspired by 1980s Whitney Houston!
L to R: (Big) Little Sister, Me, Dad, Mom, Hubby
My aunts and cousins
My hubby with our college friends
Whenever my family gets together, we always have a good time! 

We had a sing a long battle to some old school favorite songs from the 80’s. That was fun! 

We played the game “Heads Up” which is an app that’s basically like the game charades. Everybody was getting involved, even the ones who don’t normally play games! If you want a good party game, download the Heads Up app! It’s super fun!

My parents live in Ohio and my relatives live about 45 minutes away. And we also had college friends and my NY fam join us too! I’m just glad that everyone came out! It definitely was a party to remember!