80s Themed Party In PA!

This weekend was my dad’s 50th birthday party which was 80s themed! We all came in our coolest and flyest outfits!

There were handmade centerpieces that were 80s themed! Our decorator also handmade my dad’s gift card box which was a large boom box!

We also had a fun candy table that had all of my dads favorite sweets and treats from the 80s!

Below you will see a “Remember When” poster where people wrote memories from growing up in the 80s. I took a snapshot of my mom writing her memory!

Back in high school, my dad had a good group of friends and they called themselves the GQ Crew! So you’ll see a few pictures of them below.

And of course an 80s party isn’t a party without the music from the 80s! We were all jammin to all the good tunes! It was a great time and nice to see everyone be creative with their outfits!

Check out the pictures below!

I’ve also posted a few videos from the party on my IG story, you can check those out right here: JustBrittanyMoments IG Page. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!