One Live To Live! 

Make sure you’re accomplishing those things on your bucket list! 

I still have a long list of things I want to do!

Here are a few:

-Vacation in Jamaica

-Shark diving


-Learn how to play the drums 

-Speak fluent Spanish

-Own property in another country


-Be a part of a flash mob (where everyone comes together in a public area and performs a choreographed dance)

What’s on your bucket list?!

The First Time I Went Zip Lining! 

A few years back, my husband and I went zip lining for the first time at Skytop Lodge about 2 hours away from NYC in Pennsylvania!

We did the half course that lasted about 2 hours. The course had a bunch of different obstacles where you really had to use your muscle to get from one obstacle to the other!

Hubby and I suited up before the adventure begins!

They had an obstacle that had planks of wood that were chained together sort of like a bridge and you had to keep your balance in order to walk across.

There was another obstacle that had logs that were perpendicular to the ground hat were chained up in a straight line and we had to walk across the logs. Crazy right?!

And all of this was done while being hoisted up at least 10 feet in the air! So it was kind of scary but fun! Also, as we progressed through the course, the courses were getting to be further and further away from the ground! 

The hubby ziplining!

The best part was in between some of the obstacles were sections where all you did was zip line from one side to the next! 

Super fun! If you haven’t went zip lining before, I highly recommend it! It’s a fun experience for sure!

Skytop Adventure Course

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