Alternative Guide To Self Care!

I’m a big advocate of doing what works for you in order to provide your body, mind, and soul with the nurture and attention that it needs.

Reading is a part of my self care to help nurture and strengthen my mind. So I just finished reading this book called “A Little Bit of Mantras”. It talks about using specific mantras to help lead to healing.

People of religious backgrounds may scurry away because of the word mantras being associated with Eastern cultures and practices. But now that I have a better understanding, I believe that mantras are the same as saying your positive affirmations or prayers that you may recite on a daily basis.

I really enjoyed this book because it gives you a deeper explanation of what mantras are and goes into detail about mantras that can be used for peace, healing, clarity, strength, and liberation! It’s a quick and easy read and gets straight to the details which I love!

Here is the link to A Little Bit Of Mantras

If you get a chance to read, let me know what you think about it!

What is your experience with using Mantras?

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Top 10 Morning Affirmations

1. Today is a fresh start

2. I love who I see in the mirror

3. I accept myself just as I am

4. I will be present in every moment

5. I am doing my best and I am proud of myself

6. I can conquer anything

7. Opportunity is everywhere around me

8. I allow myself to be happy no matter what

9. I will not let my thoughts control the way I feel

10. I will be present in every moment