Tonight’s Dinner!

For dinner I made shrimp stir fry over fried rice!

I made a side of pork gyoza and you know those Cheddar biscuits that the give you for an appetizer at Red Lobster???

Well I bought the biscuit mix from my local grocery store and decided to make those with dinner too!

I’m proud of myself because everything tasted delicious haha!

What did you eat for dinner?

Dinner and Bowling This Past Weekend!

This weekend my husband and I went to dinner with some of our friends.

We all love Asian cuisine so we decided to go to PF Chang’s. We ordered Sesame Chicken, Wok fired Filet Mignon, and Kung Pao Shrimp. They had family sized portions so we all shared the dishes! Everything was amazing!

After dinner we decided to go bowling at Bowlmor Lanes. We played 3 games and we were all very competitive so it was a good time! Check out our scores!

As you can see in the last picture at the bottom of the screen, they’re telling everyone to leave lol! We didn’t even realize we were there so long, but time flies when you’re having fun right! Haha!

It’s always a great time hanging out with them! Nothing but fun, laughs, and good vibes!

Beef Ramen With Udon Noodles Recipe! 

My manager is also a chef and he was kind enough to give me this beef ramen recipe and all the ingredients to make it! He’s awesome! 😁👏🏾

Here’s how to make it!


Aged beef 

Udon noodles (each pack is 2 servings)

Homemade garlic fish flakes

Ramen sauce


Beef neck bone 



1/2 white onion

1 tablespoon olive oil 



Sesame seeds (optional)

Boiled egg (optional)

Other vegetables of your choice

4 cups water


-Sauté chopped white onions seasoned with salt and pepper in olive oil in a big pot until browned. Set onions to the side. 

-Cook beef in pan. Once it looks like it’s drying out, take out of pan and set aside.

-Add 4 cups of water. Add lemongrass, half of the ramen sauce, and veggies to the pot.

-Add neck bones to pan with other ingredients boil for 1 hour 30 minutes.

-Rinse udon noodles and add to a bowl. Pour ramen broth over the noodles. Top with scallions, fish flakes, sesame seeds, and a boiled eggs (optional).

-Now you can enjoy this delicious dish! 

The ramen was super delicious and flavorful! I hope you get a chance to try out this recipe! 😋

Yummy Shrimp Ramen For Dinner! 😋

I made Shrimp Ramen for dinner this week! Usually when I make ramen for dinner, I normally use either prom or chicken for the protein. But I wanted to switch it up a bit and use shrimp this time! 

I used my slow cooker and added vegetable stock, soy sauce, a noodle soup base, and water. I added chopped veggies to the slow cooker: yellow squash, zuchinni, mushrooms, garlic, white onions, ginger, seaweed and scallions!

I also cut tofu into cubes and seasoned with garlic powder, salt and pepper, and marinated in teriyaki sauce.

I cooked the shrimp with a little chopped garlic and onions, added garlic powder, salt pepper, Italian seasoning, ground sage, very little wasabi and teriyaki sauce.

I also added the marinated chopped tofu into the pan with the shrimp and let that all cook together. I then added the shrimp and tofu to the slow cooker with the veggies and stock and let all the flavors marinate for about 20 minutes. 

You can then serve with ramen noodles, add a boiled egg (optional), and top with scallions and sesame seeds! 😋

Last Night’s Dinner! 

I made Spicy Pork Ramen for dinner last night! 

This is not a recipe blog or tutorial. I just wanted to share my lovely meal with you lovely people! =)

I marinated the pork in Korean BBQ sauce cooked the meat with mushrooms and once done I added to the slow cooker.

Added chicken broth and water with garlic powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, and pepper flakes. 

Chopped up an onion, cut up some bak choy, grated ginger, and seaweed which were all added to the slow cooker. 

I let it cook for 3 hours and instead of adding the noodles, I added the uncooked ramen to a bowl and poured the soup over the noodles (this way it prevent the noodles from getting too soggy from sitting in the liquid). 

This was so delicious you guys! 

I hope you enjoy my mouth watering post! Haha! =D

Roc N Ramen

I mentioned in my Spicy Pork Ramen post that I love Asian cuisine! So many great dishes to choose from, and it’s good for your health too!

My husband loves watching Anime and in the shows, one of their normal food of choice is ramen noodles and that’s something he always wanted to try. We actually found a place in New Rochelle, NY that serves this dish!

When we arrived, we saw that they had an open kitchen where they make the food right in front of you! That was a plus because I knew the food would be fresh! They had a bar area with stools in front of the cooking area which is where we decided to sit. There was also the option to dine at regular tables within the restaurant as well.

First we ordered Chicken and Pork Gyoza for our appetizer. It was so good!

Chicken and Pork Gyoza

For our entree’s, we both ordered their Jerk Chicken Ramen and I had a Japanese Ramune soda to go along with my meal!


The ingredients included: jerk chicken, shiitake mushrooms, corn, green onions, a boiled egg, and seaweed. Ohh my gosh it was so delicious! The flavors all came together so well and it had the right amount of spiciness too!

Jerk Chicken Ramen

We definitely had a great experience dining here! The food was delicious and the staff were friendly and welcoming! We’ve been here about 3 times already and plan on going back for more! If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by and get a taste of the yummy goodness at Roc N Ramen! You won’t be disappointed!



(Picture above is of my homemade Spicy Pork Ramen Soup)

One of me and my husband’s favorite things to do is to eat! We love eating Asian cuisine! It is so colorful, filled with flavor, and most of it is very healthy. So I decided to make a Japanese Ramen Dish for dinner one night.
My husband found the recipe in a food magazine he was browsing while we were waiting in line at CVS. He said “Ooo Babes, take a picture of this recipe! We should try and make this at home!” It was a recipe of Spicy Pork Ramen Soup. He said that he wanted to make it. So we went to the store to gather all the ingredients. But a week went by and he still hadn’t made it. I was getting impatient and told him that I would make it. LOL!

The recipe required cooking seasoned pork and onions in a skillet and place to the side once cooked.

Then I had to add water, chicken stock, and soy sauce to the slow cooker for the base of the soup.

I twisted the recipe a bit so I added mushrooms, fresh ginger, and grated garlic to the slow cooker.

I combined the pork and onions with the ingredients that were already in the slow cooker. The food cooked on high for about 5 hours. When the timer was at about 2 hours left, I added baby bok choy. When it was about 15 minutes left I added 2 packs of ramen noodles(I left out the chicken seasoning that came with it).

Then it was all done. I added a boiled egg to my bowl and dressed my soup with some sesame seeds as well as cayenne pepper for an extra kick of heat! It was so yummy! My husband and I scarfed it down in like 2 seconds! Ha! I will definitely be making this soup again in the near future!

If you would like the full recipe from the magazine, just let me know!

Have you made ramen dish before? If so, feel free to share your recipe! I would love to try it out and maybe even blog about it!