Premature Grays?!

Ever wonder why our hair turns gray?! There are a few reasons for this:

Hair begins to go gray when color producing cells, melanocytes, stop producing pigment.

Caucasians start going gray in their mid 30s, Asian in their late 30s, and African Americans by their mid 40s. 

Stress is not related to those hairs turning gray. It’s related to your genetics so if you have family members who tend to go gray at an earlier age, chances are the same thing may happen to you. 

Vitamin B-12 deficiency (get this vitamin from red meats, salmon, shellfish, eggs, milk, and yogurt) or problems relating to your pituitary or thyroid gland could cause premature grays as well. But the grays could be reversible if the problem is corrected. 

I noticed that I have one gray strand right above my ear! When I first noticed I told myself “maybe I have product buildup in that spot so let me just wash my hair!” I washed my hair, checked the area that had the gray hair, and it was still there! Before, I was a little sad because I thought that gray hair signified my body ageing.

But now that I know that’s not the reason why, my mind has been eased! Whew! 

I actually like seeing younger people with gray hair! I feel like it adds character to the person (yeah I know, I’m weird, oh well!) 

So avoid using those yucky chemical dyes and embrace those grays! =) 

Sources: Premature Gray Hair

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