Wow you guys, it’s June already! It was just February like 2 seconds ago! Lol. Time is going by so fast! 

June is here and this seems like a very busy month for me! 

My husbands family is huge so there is always some type of event going on! 

This weekend I have 2 graduation parties to go to along my sister n law’s baby shower!

I’m an Event Assistant so I have an event to attend to later this month!

And the last day of the month is my husband’s 30th birthday! And some of my cousins will be coming in town to celebrate with us for a fun filled weekend! That’s what I’m looking forward to the most! When we throw a party/get together he turn out is always great! 

I’m sure they’ll be some other events that will come up throughout the month too! 

I guess that’s just a part of life right?! =)

Is this month super busy for you? What are your plans? Any vacations coming up?!